Several years ago I realized that there were two groups of people who had an awful lot to say to me and teach me if I just slowed down a bit… the people a lot shorter than me (little kids) and the people quite a bit older than me (our parents and grandparents). And then as I spent more and more time holding older hands it dawned on me that we also weren’t honoring and photographing with these people who are so important in our lives. Each and every time we set up these sessions these beautiful people are surprised that their families want to photograph them. What a delight to make them feel so very important and valued!

I come to join these folks in their homes and we make an anthropologist’s monograph with photographs. By this point in their lives, they are surrounded by what is most important to them and we capture that and the wonderful stories they tell in the photos we make. We also find the looks you remember so well from childhood… and occasionally the ones you dreaded. We go for a walk and treasure the time. We find the meaning in the in between and they’re delighted by how the time flies and how much they love their photos.

Making these photographs and treasuring these people are some of the most meaningful invitations I receive as a photographer.


‘Paige didn’t just take photos, she captured the love and emotion. How she did this I don’t know, but she managed to photograph the look my mother always gives my father and the look my sister and I grew up watching. And what was even more extraordinary is that she captured the look that my father gives my mother in response. And it’s all on a page in our book. It’s truly amazing.’

Have a story with some grey hair that you want to hold on to?

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