Paris… Did you guess?

What do you do when the joy is too big for your own heart to hold? It still feels like the weekend was a dream. Like it must have been someone else who flitted off to Paris. I almost can’t believe it was real. Our wonderful pilot Ian, A private flight through the clouds to Le Touquet and on to Paris. And then…

Did you guess? A room with a view. Sigh. It was so beautiful to look out over the Tuileries, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. The photo through the trees is our little window on Paris. There just is no overstating the delight of a room with a view. My darling Jodie, I still don’t know how you pulled that off with such short notice, but I will never, ever forget how breathtakingly beautiful it was…

Mille bisous!


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Lyndi Abote - Oh Paige! So Beautiful! What am amazing time :) Thank you for posting!

Julie Harris - I just caught my breath…

Gail - Oooohhhhhhhh Paige…my husband and I will spend 3 nights here in July and your post just made me SOOOOO excited. Gorgeous…breathtakingly so!

jessi - magnifique! what a wonderful way to spend a birthday!

Lisa Kretschmannn - Wow!! It sounds like an amazing weekend. We are visiting Paris in June and I can’t wait!

Andria - Nola and I are sitting here catching up on your blog. She mumbled something about “oh that’s just like her…mumble mumble mrow”. We were wondering if there were any Besserat boudouir shots:) I’m so glad you celebrated your big day in such a beautiful place. You deserve it.

Susan Pacek - You are living the dream sweetie! I am beyond excited for you. Miss you a ton too!!!!!! Do it all and have the time of your life while you’re there. XOXOXO

Sylvia Borgo - Holy COW! How wonderful! How wonderful!

Chris Humphreys - I’m with Julie. :)

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