Paris… Proof I was there…

Drop me in any corner of Paris and I’m happy. Any bench, any tree. There’s just something about Paris, isn’t there? We did the calculation and decided that we had walked 10+ kilometers every day. One of them I did in heels. (It is me after all!) And not a bit of my body ever hurt. Back to London and one afternoon of walking around, in flats no less, and my calves are killing me for two days. Proof that Paris is magical.

I also, thanks to my very reluctant Jodie who hates to look like a tourist, have proof that I was there! A photo of me, which is a lovely little treat. And of course clutching my lilies and chocolate. For the May holiday while we were there, there are muguet, lilies of the valley, for sale on every street corner. Part of a longstanding tradition. Of course we brought some back to the hotel… and they went straight in the ice bucket. Because one must always have an ice bucket on hand…

And now for something completely different… Just playing around a bit…

Mille bisous!


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lisa - Paige, I’m so jealous! You’re making Paris look exactly like I dream it looks. Is that a salt print there at the end?

Julianna collett - These are a dream Paige!

Lisa Kretschmannn - That last picture is amazing…I love all the depth and texture!!

mandiimae - LOVE europe! paris looks so romantic:) i went to barcelona fall of ’09 & it was a dreammm! beautiful, the way you captured paris.

Sylvia Borgo - Your images make me want to get on an airplane right now. Ohhh, I love how you played with the last image. So rich and moody!

Candice - I am so jealous!

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