Paris… the end… part two

Sigh. Huuuuuuge sigh. These will be the last of the Paris photos. Until I can find another excuse to post more that is… It was one of the most amazing weekends of my life. I still can’t believe that this is how I got to celebrate that big crazy birthday.

(Darling man, I know you read the blog… I love you. Thank you. And, yes it was truly unforgettable. But I would love you just as much in a grass hut with nothing but love to keep us warm. You are what made this so special to me.)

One night we gathered cheese, chocolate, and wine… and watched the city from our room our room as the sun went down …

For the big day it was lunch in Paris at Fauchon and off to Le Touquet for the flight up the French coast…

And dinner in London. Of course at the Prince of Wales

And one very, very, very happy, grateful, overwhelmed, exhausted, giddy… birthday girl.

Mille bisous!


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PS: So many people have asked… our room was in the Westin Paris. Ask for a room with a view

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s h e r r y - These photos are stunning! <3 I wish I could jet to Paris for the weekend!

Julianna collett - You have ruined birthdays forever – what could ever compare?!

Gail - I loved EVERY ONE of your Paris photos Paige! You have me CRAZY excited to see that lovely city with my own love in just a few short weeks. I have a feeling we’ll be far less fashionable than you and your beau, but we’ll try to represent :)

PS – Do I even need to say I love your work? We’ve long since established that – haha

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