Wild Horse Inn Wedding Photographer… Laura & Fred… got married!

Yup. I cried. No big surprise there. But it was over the most amazing, joyful, high-spirited Soul Man dance ever. I’m still pinching myself that I got to be there for this wedding. Laura & Fred are flat out amazing together. And they met the same way Jodie & I did. What are the odds of finding your soul mate? The person who makes your heart sing? You can see it in the way these two look at each other. They were meant to find one another.

Of course Laura was also smart enough to include in their negotiated vows that Fred will attend at least one social event a week. I thought that was the smartest vow ever! And I wasn’t alone. It seemed like every woman there said, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’ Fred got his way too. His beautiful bride walked down the aisle to… Journey. Thankfully sung by the most amazing a cappella group.

Laura is a very, very smart cookie. And Fred is a seriously lucky guy…

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Coordinator: Pick Me
Venue: Wild Horse Inn
Gown: Lela Rose at Anna Be
Hair: Heather, Twig
Makeup: Nastashia, Face Lab
Floral Design: Pick Me
Cake: Tee & Cakes
A Capella Group: DU Idiosingcrasies
DJ: Andrew Hoag, Colorado Audio Group

Dearest Laura & Fred… I can’t begin to thank you enough! What an incredible day to be there with you and your families. My heart will smile every time that I hear Soul Man for the rest of my life. And I am working on my own vow deal with Jodie… it involves dancing. :) Congratulations!

Mille bisous!


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s h e r r y - :) These are beautiful!

Rami Carter - WOW what lovely photos. Laura looked amazing and the smiles are endless. HOpe this is what you will remember of your day.

Carly and Sam Lieff - Beautiful! Laura you look absolutely stunning! What great pictures! I love how happy everyone is. It was such a great time and Sam and I are so glad we could be there. Thank you!

cupcake ideas - Goodness! I am going to start baking now!

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