Yep… Paris!

Alright, I may need someone to slap me back to reality. We’re in Paris… for Valentine’s Day. I mean c’mon? Who gets to do this?! It sounds cliche but it really is romantic. Jodie was due here on business and two days ago he told me to pack a bag. I had no idea where we were going until we got to the airport this morning. He did make me promise not to make a scene at the airport when I found out, but I made no such promise about the blog…

Did I mention that we’re in Paris?! My sweet, beautiful man surprised me with a trip to Paris! I just don’t have enough words for how spoiled and grateful I feel. I’m so fortunate and I feel so loved that he would think to do this for us. You get happy in a marriage and you discuss everything and it gets harder to create surprises. Well done, darling man. Well done indeed.

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Rebecca Portsmouth - Hope you’re having the MOST wonderful time. Do have a red wine/champagne/expresso for me :)

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