Maureen & Ryan… got married!

(Rehoboth Beach Wedding… part two)

Yes, I promised sparklers. Somehow Maureen & Ryan’s wedding at the Lewes Historical Society was so much fun that the sparklers… seemed like just at tiny part. And I looooove sparklers. Guests rode school buses to the historical society and we danced under the cafe lights. (Even CaraMae & Matt were there to join the celebration.) And, yes, that is a cameo by a Starboard koozie. Maureen & Ryan met there. It’s just down the beach from Rehoboth and the running of the bull there… is maybe the funniest thing ever.

If friends are a true testament to character, then Maureen & Ryan… are simply the best. I don’t know when I’ve laughed so hard with such a fantastic group of people. Loooooove them…

ursula (room to bloom) - Paige, just popped by to see what’s new and got lost 20 minutes admiring your photography. Magic! x

Manish - Very nice work! You really captured the joy of this event!

Maureen & Ryan… got married!

(Rehoboth Beach Wedding… part one)

I have a lot of favorite places. Places I would go right now without even packing a bag. Paris, Florence, Mallorca… and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Yep. Delaware. Jodie & I have been going to the beach house there with dear friends since we got married. It is typically a very hot weekend soaked in Domaine Tempier rosé and filled with amazing food at Espuma and the best Chinese food in the US. (Seriously, it’s that good. Best I’ve had outside of China so far.)

This year… blew all that away.

I was invited to photograph Maureen & Ryan’s wedding at a little church in Rehoboth and their reception up the coast at the Lewes Historical Society (which is really, really cool by the way). I thought I had had as much fun as you can in Rehoboth. I was soooo wrong. I’ve had a crush on Maureen & Ryan since we met, so putting the whole story together with their family and friends was just the icing on the cake. We were all over Rehoboth photographing… Maureen getting ready at her aunt’s beautiful home on the water, the guys on bikes headed to the wedding (carefully watched by two hysterical old ladies), skipping down the boardwalk with the bridal party… and the evening was capped off with sparklers. I loooooove sparklers! But that’s for the next post…

Dan and Melissa - I love the bride’s dress! These images were so creative! Loved the candid shots :)

The best job. Ever.

I have the best job in the world. Seriously. It’s hard to even call it work. Why? Just look as this photo. I actually got to go spend the evening with two people I love dearly (who also happen to be clients) and make photos like this. I can’t possibly think of anything better…

In betweens…

I love in between moments. The ones where, regardless of who may be nearby, it feels like just the two of you. That kind of joy is so clear that you can feel it. Just like Whitney & John…

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