Jen & Brad… sneak peek (Goronno Ranch Wedding)

I love getting the time to go play on a wedding day. Jen & Brad delivered that in spades. A party stop at the New Sheridan in Telluride before the ceremony? I’m in! Jen & Brad are so amazingly beautiful together. So of course they draw just the best people close to them. Only their gorgeous mountain top ceremony could tear me away from cocktails with this bunch…

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Shark attack…

One of my favorite moments in Rehoboth. Great shoot with Shocker. Goofing off. Enjoying yummy bubbles. And up walks the cutest darn Golden carrying her… shark. Daintily carrying it by the fin. I mean, come on? What gets cuter than this?

Geraldine - That is one gorgeous dog. I love the sharpness of your photography capturing the soft, cuddliness of its coat and those puppy eyes… :)

tina - Awwwwwww, this is the cutest thing I’ve seen for ages!!!

A puppy grabbing a shark! Priceless! Your photos are priceless too:) x

The Olympics in London…

Wow. It has been a crazy two weeks and I’m still pinching myself. Sure the Olympics are great and all and I always watch waaay too much TV and stay up waaay too late doing so when the the Games come around. But this time was different. Even better.

London absolutely came alive. Stoic, bordering on grumpy, stiff upper lip Londoners were… dare I say it… perky! They were so clearly excited about the whole thing that the mood was contagious. It’s all anyone talked about for seventeen days. Did you see this? Did you see that? You’ve got to go! Where’s the medal count? Farah did it! Ennis did it! It has been a joy. And… there was hardly any rain.

We were among the lucky ones. I watched the peloton zoom through Fulham and cross Putney Bridge. Thanks to my sweet man we went to tennis not once but twice. (Semifinals at center court in the eighth row!) And Friday were at the Olympic stadium to see the US women’s 4×100 relay team take the gold and set a new world record. We sang the national anthem at the top of our lungs. Every person seemed to cheer for every athlete who made a victory lap around the stadium. The Olympic park may be the only place I’ve ever been that actually got better the more people you put in it. It really was electric. And something I’ll remember for the rest of my life…

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MOM - I loved the pictures and the synopsis of the excitement and mood in London!
You always know what to capture and how to relate it so I feel like I’m there!
Thank you. I love you, MOM

tina - Paige, what a great post! I too LOVED every single bit. I did not get a chance to see any event live but am proud to announce that I’ve bagged myself some tickets for the Paralympics Opening Ceremony. Yay!!!

I LOVE the way you showed these photos. A mixture of exposures, colour and black & white.

Great photo of you and your ‘sweet man’. Enjoy your time away!! xx